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HIL(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   HIL(4)

     hil -- introduction to HP-HIL support

     hil* at intio?

     hilkbd* at hil?
     hilms* at hil?
     hilid* at hil?

     The hil interface provides access to the ``Human Interface Loop'' controller found on many
     HP workstations.

     It provides generic HIL management and interfaces for child devices, such as keyboards, but-
     ton boxes, mice, graphics tablet, and ID modules.

     NetBSD provides support for the following devices:

	hilid(4)     HIL ID module device
	hilkbd(4)    HIL keyboard device
	hilms(4)     HIL mouse and graphics tablet device


BSD					 February 9, 2011				      BSD
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