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G760A(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			 G760A(4)

     g760a -- Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc. G760a fan speed controller driver

     g760a0 at iic? addr 0x3e

     The g760a driver provides support for the Global Mixed-mode Technology Inc. G760a on iicbus
     fan speed controller to be used with the envsys(4) API.  This chip could be found in
     D-Link's DNS-323 NAS box.

     The following sysctl(8) variable controls the fan's speed:

		   This value specifies the desired speed for the fan.	Valid range is
		   2000..20000 or 0 (the fan is turned off).  The default value is 0.

		   When setting the desired speed the RPM number will be converted to the inter-
		   nal represenation and truncated.  For example when you are setting 2000 it
		   will be truncated to 2006, and 8000 will be changed to 8057.

     envsys(4), lm(4), envstat(8)

     The g760a driver was written by A. Leo.

BSD					  April 11, 2008				      BSD
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