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FLASH(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			 FLASH(4)

     flash -- device-independent flash layer

     #include <sys/flash.h>

     The flash driver provides a device-independent interface for using flash memory.

     The following ioctl(2) operations are supported on /dev/flash:

     FLASH_BLOCK_ISBAD (struct flash_badblock_params)
	     This command checks if a block is marked as bad.

     FLASH_BLOCK_MARKBAD (struct flash_badblock_params)
	     This command marks a block as bad.

     FLASH_DUMP (struct flash_dump_params)
	     This command dumps a block.

     FLASH_ERASE_BLOCK (struct flash_erase_params)
	     This command erases one or more blocks.

     FLASH_GET_INFO (struct flash_info_params)
	     This command aquires information aboout the flash device.


     flash(9), nand(9)

     Adam Hoka <ahoka@NetBSD.org>

BSD					 January 21, 2010				      BSD
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