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EBUS(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   EBUS(4)

EBus -- introduction to SPARC EBus bus support and drivers SYNOPSIS
ebus* at pci? DESCRIPTION
The EBus bus is designed to provide the ability to put ISA and traditional Intel-style peripherals in a SPARC based system with a minimal amount of glue logic. Typically, it is implemented in the PCIO IC from SME, which also implements a hme(4) compatible PCI network device ('network'). The EBus has four DMA channels, similar to the DMA seen in the esp(4) SCSI DMA. SEE ALSO
Sun Microelectronics, Peripheral Component Interconnect Input Output Controller, Part No.: 802-7837-01, March 1997, BSD
March 13, 2002 BSD

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HME(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    HME(4)

hme -- Sun Microelectronics STP2002-STQ Ethernet interfaces device driver SYNOPSIS
hme* at pci? dev ? function ? hme* at sbus? slot ? offset ? DESCRIPTION
The hme driver supports Sun Microelectronics STP2002-STQ Fast Ethernet interfaces. HARDWARE
The hme driver supports the on-board Ethernet interfaces of many Sun UltraSPARC workstation and server models. Cards supported by the hme driver include: Sun PCI SunSwift Adapter (``SUNW,hme'') Sun SBus SunSwift Adapter (``hme'' and ``SUNW,hme'') Sun PCI Sun100BaseT Adapter 2.0 (``SUNW,hme'') Sun SBus Sun100BaseT 2.0 (``SUNW,hme'') Sun PCI Quad FastEthernet Controller (``SUNW,qfe'') Sun SBus Quad FastEthernet Controller (``SUNW,qfe'') The STP2002 family supports hardware checksumming to assist in computing IPv4 TCP/UDP checksums. The hme driver supports this feature of the chip. See ifconfig(8) for information on how to enable this feature. SEE ALSO
ifmedia(4), intro(4), mii(4), ukphy(4), ifconfig(8) Sun Microelectronics, STP2002QFP Fast Ethernet, Parallel Port, SCSI (FEPS) User's Guide,, April 1996. HISTORY
The hme driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.5. AUTHORS
The hme driver was written by Paul Kranenburg <>. BUGS
Connecting a MII transceiver on those cards that support it will cause the RJ45 connector to be detected as PHY instance 1, instead of the default instance 0. BSD
June 23, 2012 BSD
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