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DAIC(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   DAIC(4)

daic -- isdn4bsd driver for EICON.Diehl active ISDN cards SYNOPSIS
daic0 at isa? iomem 0xd8000 irq 10 DESCRIPTION
The daic driver supports the old Diehl active cards: S, SX, SXn, SCOM and QUADRO. For a QUADRO card, the driver will detect the board type and use all four ports, each attached as a controller of its own to the isdn4bsd system, which can be listed using the daicctl utility. The daic driver interfaces the ISDN card to the ISDN4BSD kernel subsystem. All lower layer ISDN control is handled by the card. This should allow you to run any national ISDN protocol delivered by EICON.Diehl for your card, but the driver has only been tested with the DSS1 proto- col and some parts of the cards interface are ISDN protocol dependent. The daic driver is written to conform to the software interface documented by Diehl in their ISDN-Karten Benutzerhandbuch from 1992. MICROCODE DOWNLOAD
Every active card needs its own operating software before it can work. You have to download this to the card before using it with isdn4bsd. Use the daicctl utility to do this, i.e. call daicctl -d 1 to download the file to controller number 1. Use daicctl -l to list all available controllers (and ports). You have to select the correct ISDN protocol file for your ISDN interface, see the Diehl docu- mentation for details. The cards bootstrap process involves another file, which is independent of the card type you use and the protocol you run. It is called download.bin in current versions of the Diehl software distribution and has to be copied to the kernel compile directory under dev/microcode/daic and converted into a header file used when compiling the kernel by running make in that directory. Your kernel compile will fail and remind you of this if you forget to do this. Due to copyright restrictions we cannot distribute the driver with this file inte- grated. But if you own a card, you do have the file (or can get it from the Diehl web server). SEE ALSO
daicctl(1) BUGS
The driver is not yet finished. BSD
January 30, 1998 BSD

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IRIP(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   IRIP(4)

irip -- Raw IP over ISDN network driver SYNOPSIS
pseudo-device irip count DESCRIPTION
The irip driver interfaces the IP subsystem of the operating system with the ISDN layer so that transport of IP packets over an ISDN link is possible. The driver just packs IP packets without anything appended or prepended into raw HDLC packets on the B channel and transfers them to a remote site. IP packets received from the remote site are queued into the local IP protocol stack. The format of the resulting packet on the B channel is: (HDLC opening flag) (IP-packet) (CRC) (HDLC closing flag) In the case where an IP packet for a remote site arrives in the driver and no connection has been established yet, the driver communicates with the isdnd(8) daemon to establish a connection. The driver has support for interfacing to the bpf(4) subsystem for using tcpdump(8) with the irip interfaces. The driver optionally (when compiled with the IRIP_VJ option) provides Van Jacobson header compression, under control of the link0 and link1 options to ifconfig(8): link0 Apply VJ compression to outgoing packets on this interface, and assume that incoming packets require decompression. link1 Check incoming packets for Van Jacobson compression; if they appear to be compressed, automatically set link0. The default values are on for link1 and off for link0. SEE ALSO
bpf(4), isdnd.rc(5), isdnd(8), tcpdump(8) AUTHORS
The irip device driver and this man page were written by Hellmuth Michaelis <>. BSD
July 6, 1998 BSD
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