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CMS(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   CMS(4)

     cms -- Creative Music System device driver

     cms0  at isa? port 0x220
     midi* at cms?

     The cms driver provides support for the Creative Music System (C/MS).  These cards were
     developed by Creative Labs, the same people who designed the SoundBlaster cards.  Chips were
     available for the SoundBlaster to make them compatible with CMS.

     The CMS cards are only capable of playing basic notes and noises, making them suitable for
     playing midi, but not much else.  The output is stereo, but the cms driver doesn't support
     stereo control.  The cards have external volume control, line-output and speaker.

     The base I/O port address is usually jumper-selected to 0x220.  Valid jumper settings are
     for 0x210, 0x220, 0x230, 0x240, 0x250 and 0x260.  There are no interrupt settings.

     isa(4), midi(4)

     The cms device driver appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

BSD					  April 28, 2000				      BSD
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