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BTKBD(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			 BTKBD(4)

     btkbd -- Bluetooth keyboard support

     btkbd*  at bthidev? reportid ?
     wskbd*  at btkbd? console ?

     options BTKBD_REPEAT
     options BTKBD_LAYOUT=XXX

     The btkbd driver provides support for Bluetooth wireless keyboards.

     Bluetooth keyboards are configured using the btdevctl(8) program, and provide system access
     through the wscons(4) driver.

     bluetooth(4), bthidev(4), wskbd(4), btdevctl(8)

     The btkbd driver appeared in NetBSD 4.0 and was written by Iain Hibbert under the sponsor-
     ship of Itronix, Inc.

     Due to the configuration and connection requirements, Bluetooth keyboards cannot be used
     until NetBSD is fully booted.

     Bluetooth keyboards cannot be the NetBSD system console.

BSD					   May 16, 2009 				      BSD
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