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BOCA(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   BOCA(4)

boca -- multiplexing serial communications interface SYNOPSIS
For 4-port BB1004 boards: boca0 at isa? port 0x100 irq 5 com2 at boca? slave ? com3 at boca? slave ? com4 at boca? slave ? com5 at boca? slave ? For 8-port BB1008 boards: boca0 at isa? port 0x100 irq 5 com2 at boca? slave ? com3 at boca? slave ? com4 at boca? slave ? com5 at boca? slave ? com6 at boca? slave ? com7 at boca? slave ? com8 at boca? slave ? com9 at boca? slave ? For 16-port BB2016 boards: boca0 at isa? port 0x100 irq 5 com2 at boca? slave ? com3 at boca? slave ? com4 at boca? slave ? com5 at boca? slave ? com6 at boca? slave ? com7 at boca? slave ? com8 at boca? slave ? com9 at boca? slave ? boca1 at isa? port 0x140 irq 5 com10 at boca? slave ? com11 at boca? slave ? com12 at boca? slave ? com13 at boca? slave ? com14 at boca? slave ? com15 at boca? slave ? com16 at boca? slave ? com17 at boca? slave ? (The BB2016 is functionally equivalent to two BB1008 boards, and is configured as such.) DESCRIPTION
The boca driver provides support for BOCA Research BB1004, BB1008 and BB2016 boards that multiplex together up to four, eight or sixteen EIA RS-232C (CCITT V.28) communications interfaces. Each boca device is the master device for up to eight com devices. The kernel configuration specifies these com devices as slave devices of the boca device, as shown in the synopsis. The slave ID given for each com device determines which bit in the interrupt multiplexing regis- ter is tested to find interrupts for that device. The port specification for the boca device is used to compute the base addresses for the com subdevices and the port for the interrupt multiplexing register. FILES
/dev/tty?? SEE ALSO
com(4) HISTORY
The boca driver was written by Charles Hannum, based on the ast driver and source code from David Muir Sharnoff. David wishes to acknowledge the assistance of Jason Venner in determining how to use the BOCA boards. BSD
January 3, 1995 BSD

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MODBUS_SET_SLAVE(3)						 Libmodbus Manual					       MODBUS_SET_SLAVE(3)

modbus_set_slave - set slave number in the context SYNOPSIS
int modbus_set_slave(modbus_t *ctx, int slave); DESCRIPTION
The modbus_set_slave() function shall set the slave number in the libmodbus context. The behavior depends of network and the role of the device: RTU Define the slave ID of the remote device to talk in master mode or set the internal slave ID in slave mode. According to the protocol, a Modbus device must only accept message holing its slave number or the special broadcast number. TCP The slave number is only required in TCP if the message must reach a device on a serial network. The special value MODBUS_TCP_SLAVE (0xFF) can be used in TCP mode to restore the default value. The broadcast address is MODBUS_BROADCAST_ADDRESS. This special value must be use when you want all Modbus devices of the network receive the request. RETURN VALUE
The modbus_set_slave() function shall return 0 if successful. Otherwise it shall return -1 and set errno to one of the values defined below. ERRORS
EINVAL The slave number is invalid. AUTHORS
The libmodbus documentation was written by Stephane Raimbault <[1]> NOTES
1. libmodbus 3.0.3 05/26/2012 MODBUS_SET_SLAVE(3)
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