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BCSP(4) 						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						   BCSP(4)

bcsp -- BlueCore Serial Protocol driver SYNOPSIS
pseudo-device bcsp DESCRIPTION
The bcsp driver provides a tty(4) line discipline to send and receive BlueCore Serial Protocol packets over a serial line, as described in the "BlueCore Serial Protocol (BCSP)" specification. Moreover, the bcsp supports BCSP Link Establishment Protocol, as described in the "BCSP Link Establishment Protocol" specification. The btattach(8) program is used to configure the tty line and create the bcsp driver instance. SEE ALSO
bluetooth(4), btuart(4), btattach(8) HISTORY
The bcsp device appeared in NetBSD 5.0. AUTHORS
bcsp does not support configuration for baud rate yet. BSD
August 23, 2009 BSD

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BTHUB(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						  BTHUB(4)

bthub -- Bluetooth Remote Device Hub SYNOPSIS
bthub* at bcsp? bthub* at bt3c? bthub* at btbc? bthub* at btuart? bthub* at sbt? bthub* at ubt? bthidev* at bthub? btmagic* at bthub? btsco* at bthub? DESCRIPTION
The bthub device is used to attach remote Bluetooth devices to the system, and will attach to Bluetooth controllers as they are enabled. CONFIGURATION
Normally, Bluetooth Remote Devices will be configured on the bthub using the btdevctl(8) program, which passes a proplib(3) dictionary to the control file /dev/bthub with the BTDEV_ATTACH and BTDEV_DETACH ioctl(2) commands. The following properties are used by bthub: local-bdaddr Local BD_ADDR. This required property should be a six byte data blob. remote-bdaddr Remote BD_ADDR. This required property should be a six byte data blob. service-name Service name. This required property should be a string indicating the service to configure, and may be one of the following: HF Handsfree, see btsco(4). HID Human Interface Device, see bthidev(4). HSET Headset, see btsco(4). Properties used by the configured device are listed in the appropriate device manual page. FILES
/dev/bthub SEE ALSO
bluetooth(4), bthidev(4), btmagic(4), btsco(4), btdevctl(8) HISTORY
The bthub driver was written by Iain Hibbert under the sponsorship of Itronix, Inc. and first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. BSD
October 17, 2010 BSD
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