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ATTIMER(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 		       ATTIMER(4)

     attimer -- AT Timer (8253) driver

     attimer*  at acpi?
     attimer0  at isa?

     The attimer driver handles the so-called AT Timer device, initially found as chip model
     8253.  It is used as the main counter for the clock on the i386 port, but also offers con-
     trol over the pitch of the PC speaker.

     The attimer driver currently only implements the access to the ISA register ``TIMER1'' which
     controls the pitch of the PC speaker, and should be configured along with pcppi(4) to be of
     any actual use.

     acpi(4), isa(4), pcppi(4)

BSD					  March 22, 2005				      BSD
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