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ams(4) [netbsd man page]

AMS(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    AMS(4)

ams -- Apple Desktop Bus mouse driver for wscons SYNOPSIS
ams* at obio? wsmouse* at ams? DESCRIPTION
This driver provides the wscons(4) driver with support for Apple Desktop Bus mice. SUPPORTED HARDWARE
NetBSD is known to support the following ADB mice: o On-board trackpads and trackballs in PowerBook models o Apple Desktop Bus Mouse o Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II o Interex ADB Mouse o Logitech TrackMan o Logitech MouseMan o Microspeed Mouse Deluxe o Mouse Systems A3 Mouse o Most third-party ADB mice, trackballs, and trackpads are supported DIAGNOSTICS
ams0 at adb0 addr 3: 1-button, 100 dpi mouse This is a typical autoconfiguration message noting the presence of the ams mouse. SEE ALSO
adb(4), wscons(4), wsmouse(4), wsconsctl(8) BSD
September 21, 2003 BSD

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WSMUX(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						  WSMUX(4)

wsmux -- console keyboard/mouse multiplexor for wscons SYNOPSIS
wskbd* at ... mux 1 wsmouse* at ... mux 0 pseudo-device wsmux DESCRIPTION
The wsmux is a pseudo-device driver that allows several wscons(4) input devices to have their events multiplexed into one stream. The typical usage for this device is to have two multiplexors, one for mouse events and one for keyboard events. All wsmouse(4) devices should direct their events to the mouse mux (normally 0) and all keyboard devices, except the console, should direct their events to the key- board mux (normally 1). A device will send its events to the mux indicated by the mux locator. If none is given the device will not use a multiplexor. The keyboard multiplexor should be connected to the display, using the wsconscfg(8) command. It will then receive all key- strokes from all keyboards and, furthermore, keyboards can be dynamically attached and detached without further user interaction. In a simi- lar way, the window system will open the mouse multiplexor and receive all mouse events; mice can also be dynamically attached and detached. If a wskbd(4) or wsmouse(4) device is opened despite having a mux it will be detached from the mux. It is also possible to inject events into a multiplexor from a user program. FILES
For each mux device, /dev/wsmuxN there is a control device /dev/wsmuxctlN. The control device has a minor number 128 greater than the regu- lar mux device. It can be used to control the mux even when it is open, e.g., by wsmuxctl(8). /dev/wsmouse a.k.a. /dev/wsmux0 /dev/wskbd a.k.a. /dev/wsmux1 /usr/include/dev/wscons/wsconsio.h SEE ALSO
wscons(4), wsdisplay(4), wskbd(4), wsmouse(4), moused(8), wsconscfg(8), wsconsctl(8), wsfontload(8), wsmoused(8), wsmuxctl(8) BSD
July 26, 1999 BSD

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