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AMS(4)				   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			   AMS(4)

     ams -- Apple Desktop Bus mouse driver for wscons

     ams* at obio?
     wsmouse* at ams?

     This driver provides the wscons(4) driver with support for Apple Desktop Bus mice.

     NetBSD is known to support the following ADB mice:

	   o   On-board trackpads and trackballs in PowerBook models

	   o   Apple Desktop Bus Mouse

	   o   Apple Desktop Bus Mouse II

	   o   Interex ADB Mouse

	   o   Logitech TrackMan

	   o   Logitech MouseMan

	   o   Microspeed Mouse Deluxe

	   o   Mouse Systems A3 Mouse

	   o   Most third-party ADB mice, trackballs, and trackpads are supported

     ams0 at adb0 addr 3: 1-button, 100 dpi mouse  This is a typical autoconfiguration message
     noting the presence of the ams mouse.

     adb(4), wscons(4), wsmouse(4), wsconsctl(8)

BSD					September 21, 2003				      BSD
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