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ADW(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    ADW(4)

adw -- ConnectCom Solutions AdvanSys PCI Ultra Wide SCSI host adapter driver SYNOPSIS
adw* at pci? dev ? function ? scsibus* at adw? options FAILSAFE options SCSI_ADW_WDTR_DISABLE=mask options SCSI_ADW_SDTR_DISABLE=mask options SCSI_ADW_TAGQ_DISABLE=mask DESCRIPTION
The adw driver provides support for the ADW (AdvanSys) ABP-940UW, ASB-3940UW, ASB-3940U2W SCSI host adapters. The following kernel configuration options are available: options FAILSAFE Disables tagged command queuing, wide data transfers and synchronous data transfers for all SCSI devices controlled by the adw driver. By default, tagged command queuing, wide data transfers and synchronous data transfers are used if the SCSI devices support them. The following options use a mask to specify which SCSI peripherals the option applies to. The mask is a 16 bit bitfield value. Each bit cor- responds to a peripheral ID. The LSB (bit 0) corresponds to the peripheral with ID 0. The MSB (bit 15) corresponds to the peripheral with ID 15. The following features cannot be disabled for the host adapter, which by default has ID 7. options SCSI_ADW_WDTR_DISABLE=mask Disable WIDE data transfer for the peripherals specified by the mask value. options SCSI_ADW_SDTR_DISABLE=mask Disable SYNCHRONOUS data transfer for the peripherals specified by the mask value. options SCSI_ADW_TAGQ_DISABLE=mask Disable TAGGED COMMAND QUEUING for the peripherals specified by the mask value. SEE ALSO
cd(4), ch(4), intro(4), scsi(4), sd(4), st(4), uk(4) HISTORY
The adw device driver appeared in NetBSD 1.4. AUTHORS
Baldassare Dante Profeta <>. BSD
February 3, 2000 BSD

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ADW(4)							   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 						    ADW(4)

adw -- Advansys PCI 16bit SCSI Host adapter driver SYNOPSIS
To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your kernel configuration file: device pci device scbus device adw DESCRIPTION
This driver provides access to the 16bit SCSI bus connected to the Advanced Systems Products, Inc. ASC3550 Ultra, and ASC38C0800 Ultra2, SCSI Host Adapter chips. Both chips support, synchronous transfers (20MHz and 40MHz max respectively), 16bit transfers, tagged queueing, and up to 253 concurrent SCSI transactions. Per target configuration performed in the AdvanceWare menu, which is accessible at boot, is honored by this driver. This includes synchro- nous/asynchronous transfers, maximum synchronous negotiation rate, wide transfers, disconnection, tagged queueing, and the host adapter's SCSI ID. The global setting for the maximum number of tagged transactions allowed per target is not honored as the CAM SCSI system will automatically determine the maximum number of tags a device can receive as well as guarantee fair resource allocation among devices. HARDWARE
The adw driver supports SCSI controllers including: o AdvanSys ABP940UW/ABP3940UW o AdvanSys ABP950UW o AdvanSys ABP970UW o AdvanSys ABP3940U2W o AdvanSys ABP3950U2W SEE ALSO
adv(4), cd(4), da(4), sa(4), scsi(4) HISTORY
The adw driver appeared in FreeBSD 3.0. AUTHORS
The adw driver was ported by Justin T. Gibbs from the Linux driver written by Bob Frey of Advanced System Products, Inc. Many thanks to AdvanSys for providing the original driver under a suitable license for use in FreeBSD. BSD
July 14, 2004 BSD
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