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ADBKBD(4)			   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 			ADBKBD(4)

     adbkbd -- support for ADB keyboards

     adbkbd* at nadb?
     wskbd* at adbkbd? console ? mux 1
     wsmouse* at adbkbd?

     The adbkbd driver handles most ADB keyboards within the wscons(4) framework.  It also pro-
     vides an interface to translate key strokes to mouse button events.

     Which keys are translated to mouse button events can be configured for each individual key-
     board via sysctl(8):

		   Controls which scan code is used for middle mouse button events.  Default is
		   103, which corresponds to F11.

		   Controls which scan code is used for right mouse button events.  Default is
		   111, which corresponds to F12.

     nadb(4), wskbd(4), wsmouse(4), wsconsctl(8), wskbd(9)

BSD					   May 14, 2007 				      BSD
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