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CURSES_ECHOCHAR(3)		   BSD Library Functions Manual 	       CURSES_ECHOCHAR(3)

     curses_echochar, echochar, wechochar, pechochar -- curses add characters and then refresh

     Curses Library (libcurses, -lcurses)

     #include <curses.h>

     echochar(const chtype ch);

     wechochar(WINDOW *win, const chtype ch);

     pechochar(WINDOW *pad, const chtype ch);

     These functions add characters to stdscr or to the specified window or pad and then cause an
     immediate refresh() of that window or pad.

     The echochar() function adds the character given in ch to stdscr at the current cursor posi-
     tion and advances the current cursor position by one.  Any character attributes set in ch
     will be merged with the background attributes currently set on stdscr.  stdscr is then
     refreshed.  Calling echochar() is equivalent to calling addch() followed by refresh().

     The wechochar() function is the same as the echochar() function, excepting that the charac-
     ter is added to the window specified by win and win is refreshed.

     The pechochar() function is the similar to the echochar() function, excepting that the char-
     acter is added to the pad specified by pad and pad is refreshed at its previous location on
     the screen.  Calling pechochar() is equivalent to calling addch() followed by prefresh().

     These functions will return one of the following values:

     OK   The function completed successfully.
     ERR  An error occurred in the function.

     curses_addch(3), curses_attributes(3), curses_pad(3), curses_refresh(3)

     The echochar(), wechochar(), and pechochar() functions comply with the X/Open Curses speci-
     fication, part of the Single Unix Specification.

     The Curses package appeared in 4.0BSD.

BSD					  March 27, 2004				      BSD
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