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VALLOC(3)			   BSD Library Functions Manual 			VALLOC(3)

     valloc -- aligned memory allocation function

     Standard C Library (libc, -lc)

     #include <stdlib.h>

     void *
     valloc(size_t size);

     The valloc() function is obsoleted by the current version of malloc(3), which aligns page-
     sized and larger allocations.

     The valloc() function allocates size bytes aligned on a page boundary.  It is implemented by
     calling malloc(3) with a slightly larger request, saving the true beginning of the block
     allocated, and returning a properly aligned pointer.

     The valloc() function returns a pointer to the allocated space if successful; otherwise a
     null pointer is returned

     The valloc() function appeared in 3.0BSD.

     A vfree() function has not been implemented.

BSD					   May 6, 2010					      BSD
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