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TYPEOF(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						 TYPEOF(3)

typeof -- GNU extension for type of an expression SYNOPSIS
type typeof(expression); DESCRIPTION
The typeof() construct can be used to obtain the type of an expression. The syntax is comparable to that of sizeof(), but semantically typeof() operates like a type name defined with typedef. EXAMPLES
The following is a typical example of a type-generic macro: #define MAX(a, b) ({ typeof(a) _a = (a); typeof(b) _b = (b); _a > _b ? _a : _b; }) SEE ALSO
gcc(1), __alignof__(3), attribute(3), offsetof(3) CAVEATS
The typeof() construct is a non-standard, compiler-specific extension. BSD
December 19, 2010 BSD

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__BUILTIN_TYPES_COMPATIBLE_P(3) 			   BSD Library Functions Manual 			   __BUILTIN_TYPES_COMPATIBLE_P(3)

__builtin_types_compatible_p -- GNU extension to check equivalent types SYNOPSIS
int __builtin_types_compatible_p(type_a, type_b); DESCRIPTION
The __builtin_types_compatible_p() is a GNU extension for determining whether two types are equivalent. If type_a is equivalent to type_b, a value 1 is returned. Otherwise __builtin_types_compatible_p() returns 0. The following remarks should be taken into account. 1. The architecture-specific size of the two types does not have an impact on the result. For example, sizeof(char *) and sizeof(int) result the same value on i386, but the types naturally are not equivalent. 2. Type qualifiers are ignored. The function returns the same value for long and const long. 3. The amount of pointer indirection affects the result. For example, double * is not equivalent to double **. 4. Two types defined with typedef are equivalent if and only if their underlying types are equivalent. 5. The enum type is a special case in that two enum types are not considered equivalent. EXAMPLES
The following example combines __builtin_types_compatible_p() and the typeof(3) construct: #define __COMPARE_TYPES(v, t) __builtin_types_compatible_p(__typeof__(v), t) ... if (__COMPARE_TYPES(p, double) != 0) err(EX_DATAERR, "invalid type"); SEE ALSO
gcc(1), __builtin_constant_p(3), typeof(3) CAVEATS
This is a non-standard, compiler-specific extension. BSD
December 21, 2010 BSD
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