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SWAB(3) 						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						   SWAB(3)

swab -- swap adjacent bytes LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> void swab(const void * restrict src, void * restrict dst, ssize_t len); DESCRIPTION
The function swab() copies len bytes from the location referenced by src to the location referenced by dst, swapping adjacent bytes. If len is negative or zero, swab() does nothing. If len is odd, swab() copies len - 1 bytes and the disposition of the last byte is unspeci- fied. SEE ALSO
bzero(3), memset(3) STANDARDS
The swab() function conforms to IEEE Std 1003.1-2001 (``POSIX.1''). HISTORY
A swab() function appeared in Version 7 AT&T UNIX. It was originally documented to be ``useful for carrying binary data between PDP11's and other machines''. In NetBSD 6.0 the type of len was changed from size_t to ssize_t for POSIX compliance. BSD
April 30, 2010 BSD

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swab(3C)						   Standard C Library Functions 						  swab(3C)

swab - swap bytes SYNOPSIS
#include <stdlib.h> void swab(const char *src, char *dest, ssize_t nbytes); XPG4, SUS, SUSv2, SUSv3 #include <unistd.h> void swab(const void *restrict src, void *restrict dest, ssize_t nbytes); DESCRIPTION
The swab() function copies nbytes bytes, which are pointed to by src, to the object pointed to by dest, exchanging adjacent bytes. The nbytes argument should be even. If nbytes is odd swab() copies and exchanges nbytes-1 bytes and the disposition of the last byte is unspec- ified. If copying takes place between objects that overlap, the behavior is undefined. If nbytes is negative, swab() does nothing. ERRORS
No errors are defined. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Standard | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |MT-Level |MT-Safe | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5), standards(5) SunOS 5.10 1 Nov 2003 swab(3C)
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