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SETPROCTITLE(3) 		   BSD Library Functions Manual 		  SETPROCTITLE(3)

     setproctitle -- set process title

     Standard C Library (libc, -lc)

     #include <stdlib.h>

     setproctitle(const char *fmt, ...);

     The setproctitle() function sets the invoking process's title.  The process title is set to
     the last component of the program name, followed by a colon and the formatted string speci-
     fied by fmt.  If fmt is NULL, the colon and formatted string are omitted.	The length of a
     process title is limited to 2048 bytes.

     Set the process title to the program name, with no further information:


     Set the process title to the program name, an informational string, and the process id:

	   setproctitle("foo! (%d)", getpid());

     ps(1), w(1), getprogname(3), printf(3)

     The setproctitle() function first appeared in NetBSD 1.0.

     It is important never to pass a string with user-supplied data as a format without using
     '%s'.  An attacker can put format specifiers in the string to mangle your stack, leading to
     a possible security hole.	This holds true even if you have built the string ``by hand''
     using a function like snprintf(), as the resulting string may still contain user-supplied
     conversion specifiers for later interpolation by setproctitle().

     Always be sure to use the proper secure idiom:

	   setproctitle("%s", string);

BSD					  April 13, 1994				      BSD
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