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RUMPUSER(3)			   BSD Library Functions Manual 		      RUMPUSER(3)

     rumpuser -- rump hypervisor interface

     rump User Library (librumpuser, -lrumpuser)

     #include <rump/rumpuser.h>

     rumpuser is the hypervisor interface for rump(3) style kernel virtualization.  A virtual
     rump kernel can make calls to the host operating system libraries and kernel (system calls)
     using rumpuser interfaces.  Any "slow" hypervisor calls such as file I/O, sychronization
     wait, or sleep will cause rump to unschedule the calling kernel thread from the virtual CPU
     and free it for other consumers.  When the hypervisor call returns to the kernel, a new
     scheduling operation takes place.

     For example, rump implements kernel threads directly as hypervisor calls to host pthread(3).
     This avoids the common virtualization drawback of multiple overlapping and possibly con-
     flicting implementations of same functionality in the software stack.

     The rumpuser interface is still under development and interface documentation is available
     only in source form from src/lib/librumpuser.


BSD					  March 1, 2010 				      BSD
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