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PTHREAD_SUSPEND_NP(3)		   BSD Library Functions Manual 	    PTHREAD_SUSPEND_NP(3)

     pthread_suspend_np, pthread_resume_np -- suspend/resume the given thread

     POSIX Threads Library (libpthread, -lpthread)

     #include <pthread.h>

     pthread_suspend_np(pthread_t thread);

     pthread_resume_np(pthread_t thread);

     The pthread_suspend_np() function suspends the thread given as argument.  If thread is the
     currently running thread as returned by pthread_self(3), the function fails and returns
     EDEADLK.  Otherwise, it removes the named thread from the running queue, and adds it to the
     suspended queue.  The thread will remain blocked until pthread_resume_np() is called on it.
     In other words, pthread_resume_np() resumes the thread given as argument, if it was sus-

     Both functions return 0 on success and an error number indicating the reason for the fail-

     These functions are non-standard extensions.

     The pthread_suspend_np() function may fail if:

     [EDEADLK]		The thread requested to suspend was the currently running thread.

     [ESRCH]		The supplied thread was invalid.

     The pthread_resume_np() function may fail if:

     [ESRCH]		The supplied thread was invalid.

     Some pthread_suspend_np() implementations may allow suspending the current thread.  This is
     dangerous, because the semantics of the function would then require the scheduler to sched-
     ule another thread, causing a thread context switch.  Since that context switch can happen
     in a signal handler by someone calling pthread_suspend_np() in a signal handler, this is
     currently not allowed.

     In pthread_resume_np() the NetBSD implementation does not check if the thread argument is
     not already suspended.  Some implementations might return an error condition if
     pthread_resume_np() is called on a non-suspended thread.

     pthread_attr_setcreatesuspend_np(3), pthread_self(3)

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