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POPCOUNT(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					       POPCOUNT(3)

popcount, popcountl, popcountll, popcount32, popcount64 -- count number of bits set in a bit string LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <strings.h> unsigned int popcount(unsigned int value); unsigned int popcountl(unsigned long value); unsigned int popcountll(unsigned long long value); #include <stdint.h> unsigned int popcount32(uint32_t value); unsigned int popcount64(uint64_t value); DESCRIPTION
The popcount functions returns the number of bits set in value. SEE ALSO
ffs(3) HISTORY
The popcount(), popcountl(), popcountll(), popcount32(), and popcount64() functions appeared in NetBSD 6.0. BSD
August 22, 2011 BSD

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ATOMIC_AND(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 					     ATOMIC_AND(3)

atomic_and, atomic_and_32, atomic_and_uint, atomic_and_ulong, atomic_and_64, atomic_and_32_nv, atomic_and_uint_nv, atomic_and_ulong_nv, atomic_and_64_nv -- atomic logical 'and' operations SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/atomic.h> void atomic_and_32(volatile uint32_t *ptr, uint32_t bits); void atomic_and_uint(volatile unsigned int *ptr, unsigned int bits); void atomic_and_ulong(volatile unsigned long *ptr, unsigned long bits); void atomic_and_64(volatile uint64_t *ptr, uint64_t bits); uint32_t atomic_and_32_nv(volatile uint32_t *ptr, uint32_t bits); unsigned int atomic_and_uint_nv(volatile unsigned int *ptr, unsigned int bits); unsigned long atomic_and_ulong_nv(volatile unsigned long *ptr, unsigned long bits); uint64_t atomic_and_64_nv(volatile uint64_t *ptr, uint64_t bits); DESCRIPTION
The atomic_and family of functions load the value of the variable referenced by ptr, perform a logical 'and' with the value bits, and store the result back to the variable referenced by ptr in an atomic fashion. The *_nv() variants of these functions return the new value. The 64-bit variants of these functions are available only on platforms that can support atomic 64-bit memory access. Applications can check for the availability of 64-bit atomic memory operations by testing if the pre-processor macro __HAVE_ATOMIC64_OPS is defined. SEE ALSO
atomic_ops(3) HISTORY
The atomic_and functions first appeared in NetBSD 5.0. BSD
April 11, 2007 BSD
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