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PAUSE(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  PAUSE(3)

pause -- stop until signal LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> int pause(void); DESCRIPTION
Pause is made obsolete by sigsuspend(2). The pause() function forces a process to pause until a signal is received from either the kill(2) function or an interval timer. (See setitimer(2).) Upon termination of a signal handler started during a pause(), the pause() call will return. RETURN VALUES
Always returns -1. ERRORS
The pause() function always returns: [EINTR] The call was interrupted. SEE ALSO
kill(2), poll(2), select(2), setitimer(2), sigsuspend(2) STANDARDS
The pause() function conforms to ISO/IEC 9945-1:1990 (``POSIX.1''). HISTORY
A pause() syscall appeared in Version 6 AT&T UNIX. BSD
June 4, 1993 BSD

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PAUSE(P)						     POSIX Programmer's Manual							  PAUSE(P)

pause - suspend the thread until a signal is received SYNOPSIS
#include <unistd.h> int pause(void); DESCRIPTION
The pause() function shall suspend the calling thread until delivery of a signal whose action is either to execute a signal-catching func- tion or to terminate the process. If the action is to terminate the process, pause() shall not return. If the action is to execute a signal-catching function, pause() shall return after the signal-catching function returns. RETURN VALUE
Since pause() suspends thread execution indefinitely unless interrupted by a signal, there is no successful completion return value. A value of -1 shall be returned and errno set to indicate the error. ERRORS
The pause() function shall fail if: EINTR A signal is caught by the calling process and control is returned from the signal-catching function. The following sections are informative. EXAMPLES
Many common uses of pause() have timing windows. The scenario involves checking a condition related to a signal and, if the signal has not occurred, calling pause(). When the signal occurs between the check and the call to pause(), the process often blocks indefinitely. The sigprocmask() and sigsuspend() functions can be used to avoid this type of problem. RATIONALE
sigsuspend() , the Base Definitions volume of IEEE Std 1003.1-2001, <unistd.h> COPYRIGHT
Portions of this text are reprinted and reproduced in electronic form from IEEE Std 1003.1, 2003 Edition, Standard for Information Technol- ogy -- Portable Operating System Interface (POSIX), The Open Group Base Specifications Issue 6, Copyright (C) 2001-2003 by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc and The Open Group. In the event of any discrepancy between this version and the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard, the original IEEE and The Open Group Standard is the referee document. The original Standard can be obtained online at . IEEE
/The Open Group 2003 PAUSE(P)
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