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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for p2k (netbsd section 3)

P2K(3)				   BSD Library Functions Manual 			   P2K(3)

     p2k -- puffs to kernel vfs translation library

     p2k Library (libp2k, -lp2k)

     #include <rump/p2k.h>

     struct p2k_mount *
     p2k_init(uint32_t puffs_flags);

     p2k_cancel(struct p2k_mount *p2m, int error);

     p2k_setup_fs(struct p2k_mount *p2m, const char *vfsname, const char *devpath,
	 const char *mountpath, int mntflags, void *arg, size_t alen);

     p2k_setup_diskfs(struct p2k_mount *p2m, const char *vfsname, const char *devpath,
	 int partition, const char *mountpath, int mntflags, void *arg, size_t alen);

     p2k_mainloop(struct p2k_mount *p2m);

     p2k_run_fs(const char *vfsname, const char *devpath, const char *mountpath, int mntflags,
	 void *arg, size_t alen, uint32_t puffs_flags);

     p2k_run_diskfs(const char *vfsname, const char *devpath, int partition,
	 const char *mountpath, int mntflags, void *arg, size_t alen, uint32_t puffs_flags);

     The p2k library translates the puffs protocol to the kernel vfs(9) protocol and back again.
     It can therefore be used to mount and run kernel file system code as a userspace daemon.

     Calling the library interface function mounts the file system and, if succesful, starts han-
     dling requests.  The parameters are handled by ukfs_mount() (see ukfs(3)), with the excep-
     tion that mountpath and puffs_flags are handled by puffs(3).  The "run_fs" variants of the
     interfaces are provided as a convenience for the common case.  They execute all of init,
     setup and mainloop in one call.

     The following environment variables affect the behaviour of p2k.  They are useful mostly for
     debugging purposes.  The flags are environment variables because typically the command line
     arguments to p2k utilities are parsed using versions not aware of p2k options; for example,
     the rump_cd9660(8) arguments are really parsed by mount_cd9660(8).

       P2K_DEBUG	  Do not detach from tty and print information about each puffs opera-
			  tion.  In case the daemon receives SIGINFO (typically from ctrl-T), it
			  dumps out the status of the mount point.  Sending SIGUSR1 causes a dump
			  of all the vnodes (verbose).

       P2K_NODETACH	  Do not detach from tty.

       P2K_NOCACHE_PAGE   Do not use the puffs page cache.

       P2K_NOCACHE_NAME   Do not use the puffs name cache.

       P2K_NOCACHE	  Do not use the puffs page or name cache.

       P2K_WIZARDUID	  If set, use the value of the variable to determine the UID of the call-
			  er of each operation instead of the actual caller supplied by puffs(3).
			  This can be used for example to simplify modifying an OS installation's
			  root image as a non-root user.

     puffs(3), rump(3), ukfs(3), rump_cd9660(8), rump_efs(8), rump_ext2fs(8), rump_ffs(8),
     rump_hfs(8), rump_lfs(8), rump_msdos(8), rump_nfs(8), rump_ntfs(8), rump_smbfs(8),
     rump_syspuffs(8), rump_sysvbfs(8), rump_tmpfs(8), rump_udf(8)

BSD					 January 7, 2011				      BSD

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