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OSSAUDIO(3)			   BSD Library Functions Manual 		      OSSAUDIO(3)

     ossaudio -- OSS audio emulation

     OSS Audio Emulation Library (libossaudio, -lossaudio)

     #include <soundcard.h>

     The ossaudio library provides an emulation of the OSS (Linux) audio interface.

     Use the native interface for new programs and the emulation library only for porting pro-

   Mixer Control Map
     The following table summarizes the mappings from native interface device names to OSS mixer

     Native Device Name    OSS Mixer Control
     *.mic		   SOUND_MIXER_MIC
     *.line		   SOUND_MIXER_LINE
     *.cd		   SOUND_MIXER_CD
     *.dac		   SOUND_MIXER_PCM
     *.aux		   SOUND_MIXER_LINE1
     *.record		   SOUND_MIXER_IMIX
     *.master		   SOUND_MIXER_VOLUME
     *.treble		   SOUND_MIXER_TREBLE
     *.bass		   SOUND_MIXER_BASS
     *.speaker		   SOUND_MIXER_SPEAKER
     *.output		   SOUND_MIXER_OGAIN
     *.input		   SOUND_MIXER_IGAIN
     *.fmsynth		   SOUND_MIXER_SYNTH
     *.midi		   SOUND_MIXER_SYNTH

     audio(4), midi(4)

     The ossaudio library first appeared in NetBSD 1.3.

     The emulation uses a #define for ioctl() so some obscure programs can fail to compile.

     The emulation is incomplete.

     The emulation only covers ioctl(), there are other differences as well.  E.g., on a write
     that would block in non-blocking mode Linux returns EINTR whereas NetBSD 1.3 returns EAGAIN.

BSD					 February 3, 2009				      BSD
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