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MENU_PATTERN(3) 		   BSD Library Functions Manual 		  MENU_PATTERN(3)

     menu_pattern, set_menu_pattern -- get or set menu pattern

     Curses Menu Library (libmenu, -lmenu)

     #include <menu.h>

     char *
     menu_pattern(MENU *menu);

     The menu_pattern() function returns a pointer to the string that is currently in the menu
     pattern buffer.  The menu pattern buffer can be set by calling set_menu_pattern() which will
     set the pattern buffer to the string passed and then attempt to match that string against
     the names of the items in the attached items.

     The functions return one of the following error values:

     E_OK	     The function was successful.
     E_SYSTEM_ERROR  There was a system error during the call.
     E_BAD_ARGUMENT  One or more of the arguments passed to the function was incorrect.
     E_NO_MATCH      The character search failed to find a match.

     curses(3), menus(3)

     The header <menu.h> automatically includes both <curses.h> and <eti.h>.

BSD					September 10, 1999				      BSD
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