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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for ldap_init (netbsd section 3)

LDAP_OPEN(3)									     LDAP_OPEN(3)

       ldap_init,  ldap_initialize, ldap_open - Initialize the LDAP library and open a connection
       to an LDAP server

       OpenLDAP LDAP (libldap, -lldap)

       #include <ldap.h>

       LDAP *ldap_open(host, port)
       char *host;
       int port;

       LDAP *ldap_init(host, port)
       char *host;
       int port;

       int ldap_initialize(ldp, uri)
       LDAP **ldp;
       char *uri;

       #include <ldap_pvt.h>

       int ldap_init_fd(fd, proto, uri, ldp)
       ber_socket_t fd;
       int proto;
       char *uri;
       LDAP **ldp;

       ldap_open() opens a connection to an LDAP server and allocates an LDAP structure which  is
       used  to  identify the connection and to maintain per-connection information.  ldap_init()
       allocates an LDAP structure but does not open an  initial  connection.	ldap_initialize()
       allocates an LDAP structure but does not open an initial connection.  ldap_init_fd() allo-
       cates an LDAP structure using an existing connection on the provided socket.  One of these
       routines must be called before any operations are attempted.

       ldap_open()  takes  host,  the hostname on which the LDAP server is running, and port, the
       port number to which to connect.  If the default IANA-assigned port  of	389  is  desired,
       LDAP_PORT  should be specified for port.  The host parameter may contain a blank-separated
       list of hosts to try to connect to, and each host may optionally by of the form host:port.
       If present, the :port overrides the port parameter to ldap_open().  Upon successfully mak-
       ing a connection to an LDAP server, ldap_open() returns a pointer to an opaque LDAP struc-
       ture,  which should be passed to subsequent calls to ldap_bind(), ldap_search(), etc. Cer-
       tain fields in the LDAP structure can be set to indicate size limit, time limit,  and  how
       aliases are handled during operations; read and write access to those fields must occur by
       calling ldap_get_option(3) and ldap_set_option(3) respectively, whenever possible.

       ldap_init() acts just like ldap_open(), but does not open a connection to the LDAP server.
       The actual connection open will occur when the first operation is attempted.

       ldap_initialize()  acts like ldap_init(), but it returns an integer indicating either suc-
       cess or the failure reason, and it allows to specify details for  the  connection  in  the
       schema portion of the URI.  The uri parameter may be a comma- or whitespace-separated list
       of URIs containing only the schema, the host, and the port fields.  Apart from ldap, other
       (non-standard)  recognized  values  of  the  schema field are ldaps (LDAP over TLS), ldapi
       (LDAP over IPC), and cldap (connectionless LDAP).  If other fields are present, the behav-
       ior is undefined.

       At  this  time,	ldap_open() and ldap_init() are deprecated in favor of ldap_initialize(),
       essentially because the latter allows to specify a schema in the  URI  and  it  explicitly
       returns an error code.

       ldap_init_fd()  allows an LDAP structure to be initialized using an already-opened connec-
       tion.  The  proto  parameter  should  be  one  of   LDAP_PROTO_TCP,   LDAP_PROTO_UDP,   or
       LDAP_PROTO_IPC  for  a  connection  using  TCP,	UDP,  or  IPC,	respectively.  The  value
       LDAP_PROTO_EXT may also be specified if user-supplied sockbuf handlers  are  going  to  be
       used. Note that support for UDP is not implemented unless libldap was built with LDAP_CON-
       NECTIONLESS defined.  The uri parameter may optionally be provided for informational  pur-

       Note:  the  first  call	into the LDAP library also initializes the global options for the
       library. As such the first call should be single-threaded or otherwise protected to insure
       that   only   one   call   is   active.	 It  is  recommended  that  ldap_get_option()  or
       ldap_set_option() be used in the program's main thread before any additional  threads  are
       created.  See ldap_get_option(3).

       If  an  error occurs, ldap_open() and ldap_init() will return NULL and errno should be set
       appropriately.  ldap_initialize() and ldap_init_fd() will directly return  the  LDAP  code
       associated  to the error (or LDAP_SUCCESS in case of success); errno should be set as well
       whenever appropriate.

       ldap(3), ldap_bind(3), ldap_get_option(3), ldap_set_option(3), lber-sockbuf(3), errno(3)

       OpenLDAP Software is developed and maintained by The OpenLDAP  Project  <http://www.openl-
       dap.org/>.  OpenLDAP Software is derived from University of Michigan LDAP 3.3 Release.

OpenLDAP 2.4.23 			    2010/06/30				     LDAP_OPEN(3)

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