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KRB5_RD_ERROR(3)		   BSD Library Functions Manual 		 KRB5_RD_ERROR(3)

     krb5_rd_error, krb5_free_error, krb5_free_error_contents, krb5_error_from_rd_error -- parse,
     free and read error from KRB-ERROR message

     Kerberos 5 Library (libkrb5, -lkrb5)

     #include <krb5/krb5.h>

     krb5_rd_error(krb5_context context, const krb5_data *msg, KRB_ERROR *result);

     krb5_free_error(krb5_context context, krb5_error *error);

     krb5_free_error_contents(krb5_context context, krb5_error *error);

     krb5_error_from_rd_error(krb5_context context, const krb5_error *error,
	 const krb5_creds *creds);

     Usually applications never needs to parse and understand Kerberos error messages since
     higher level functions will parse and push up the error in the krb5_context.  These func-
     tions are described for completeness.

     krb5_rd_error() parses and returns the kerboeros error message, the structure should be
     freed with krb5_free_error_contents() when the caller is done with the structure.

     krb5_free_error() frees the content and the memory region holding the structure iself.

     krb5_free_error_contents() free the content of the KRB-ERROR message.

     krb5_error_from_rd_error() will parse the error message and set the error buffer in
     krb5_context to the error string passed back or the matching error code in the KRB-ERROR
     message.  Caller should pick up the message with krb5_get_error_string(3) (don't forget to
     free the returned string with krb5_free_error_string()).

     krb5(3), krb5_set_error_string(3), krb5_get_error_string(3), krb5.conf(5)

BSD					  July 26, 2004 				      BSD
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