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FORMS(3)			   BSD Library Functions Manual 			 FORMS(3)

     field_opts, field_opts_off, field_opts_on, set_field_opts -- form library

     Curses Form Library (libform, -lform)

     #include <form.h>

     field_opts(FIELD *field);

     field_opts_off(FIELD *field, Form_Options options);

     field_opts_on(FIELD *field, Form_Options options);

     set_field_opts(FIELD *field, Form_Options options);

     The function field_opts() returns the current options settings for the given field.  The
     field_opts_off() will turn the options given in options off for the given field, options not
     specified in options will remain unchanged.  Conversely, the function field_opts_on() will
     turn on the options given in options for the specified field, again, any options not speci-
     fied will remain unchanged.  The options for a field may be set to a specific set of options
     by calling the set_field_opts() function.	Options may only be changed if the field given is
     not the currently active one.

     The following options are available for a field:

     O_VISIBLE	 The field is visible, hence is displayed when the form is posted.
     O_ACTIVE	 The field is active in the form, meaning that it can be visited during form pro-
     O_PUBLIC	 The contents of the field are echoed to the screen.
     O_EDIT	 The contents of the field can be modified
     O_WRAP	 The contents of the field are wrapped on a word boundary, if this option is off
		 then the field will be wrapped on a character boundary.
     O_BLANK	 Blank the field on new data being entered if and only if the field cursor is at
		 the left hand side of the field.
     O_AUTOSKIP  Skip to the next field when the current field reaches its maximum size.
     O_NULLOK	 The field is allowed to contain no data
     O_STATIC	 The field is not dynamic, it has a fixed size.
     O_PASSOK	 An unmodified field is allowed.
     O_REFORMAT  Retain the formatting of a field when the buffer is retrieved.  If this option
		 is not set then the buffer returned will be a single string with no line breaks.
		 When this option is set newline characters will be inserted at the point where
		 the string has been wrapped in a multiline field.  This option is an extension
		 to the forms library and must not be used in portable code.  See the
		 field_buffer(3) man page for how this option modifies the behaviour of

     The following options are on by default for a field: O_VISIBLE, O_ACTIVE, O_PUBLIC, O_EDIT,

     Functions returning pointers will return NULL if an error is detected.  The functions that
     return an int will return one of the following error values:

     E_OK		The function was successful.
     E_CURRENT		The field specified is the currently active one in the form.

     curses(3), forms(3)

     The header <form.h> automatically includes both <curses.h> and <eti.h>.  The option
     O_REFORMAT is a NetBSD
      extension and must not be used in portable code.

BSD					November 24, 2004				      BSD
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