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fls64(3) [netbsd man page]

FFS32(3)						   BSD Library Functions Manual 						  FFS32(3)

ffs32, ffs64, fls32, fls64 -- find first or last bit set SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/bitops.h> int ffs32(uint32_t n); int ffs64(uint64_t n); int fls32(uint32_t n); int fls64(uint64_t n); DESCRIPTION
The ffs32() and ffs64() functions find the first bit set in n and return the index of that bit. Conversely, the fls32() and fls64() func- tions find the last bit set in n, returning the index of the bit. The search always starts from the bit 1 (the least significant bit). If the argument n is zero, each function returns zero. IMPLEMENTATION NOTES
The described functions are implemented as static inline functions in the <sys/bitops.h> header. The standard C library includes a more por- table ffs(3) for user applications. EXAMPLES
In the following example f = 3 and l = 7: uint32_t n = 0x44; /* 01000100 */ int f, l; f = ffs32(n); l = fls32(n); SEE ALSO
bitops(3), bits(3), bitstring(3), ffs(3), setbit(9) HISTORY
These functions first appeared in NetBSD 5.0. BSD
April 8, 2011 BSD

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FAST_DIVIDE32(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 					  FAST_DIVIDE32(3)

fast_divide32, fast_divide32_prepare, fast_remainder32 -- fast 32bit division and remainder SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/bitops.h> uint32_t fast_divide32(uint32_t v, uint32_t div, uint32_t m, uint8_t s1, uint8_t s2); uint32_t fast_remainder32(uint32_t v, uint32_t div, uint32_t m, uint8_t s1, uint8_t s2); void fast_divide32_prepare(uint32_t div, uint32_t *m, uint8_t *s1, uint8_t *s2); DESCRIPTION
The fast_divide32 and fast_remainder32 functions compute the equivalent of v / div and v % div using optimised CPU instructions. The con- stants m, s1, and s2 must first be preset for a given value of div with the fast_divide32_prepare function. RATIONALE
These functions are useful for inner loops and other performance-sensitive tasks. The functions expand to code that is typically slightly larger than a plain division instruction, but requires less time to execute. The code for constant div arguments should be equivalent to the assembly created by GCC. EXAMPLES
The following example computes q = a / b and r = a % b: uint32_t a, b, q, r, m; uint8_t s1, s2; fast_divide32_prepare(b, &m, &s1, &s2); q = fast_divide32(a, b, m, s1, s2); r = fast_remainder32(a, b, m, s1, s2); SEE ALSO
bitops(3), div(3), remainder(3) Torbjorn Granlund and Peter L. Montgomery, "Division by Invariant Integers Using Multiplication", ACM SIGPLAN Notices, Issue 6, Volume 29,, 61-72, June 1994. HISTORY
The fast_divide32 function appeared in NetBSD 6.0. BSD
May 10, 2011 BSD
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