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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for dl_iterate_phdr (netbsd section 3)

DL_ITERATE_PHDR(3)		   BSD Library Functions Manual 	       DL_ITERATE_PHDR(3)

     dl_iterate_phdr -- iterate over program headers

     #include <link.h>

     dl_iterate_phdr(int (*callback)(struct dl_phdr_info *, size_t, void*), void *data);

     The dl_iterate_phdr() function iterates over all shared objects loaded into a process's
     address space, calling callback for each shared object, passing it information about the
     object's program headers and the data argument.  The information about the program headers
     is passed in a structure that is defined as:

     struct dl_phdr_info {
	     Elf_Addr	     dlpi_addr;
	     const char      *dlpi_name;
	     const Elf_Phdr  *dlpi_phdr;
	     Elf_Half	     dlpi_phnum;
	     unsigned long long int dlpi_adds;
	     unsigned long long int dlpi_subs;
	     size_t dlpi_tls_modid;
	     void *dlpi_tls_data;

     The members of struct dl_phdr_info have the following meaning:

     dlpi_addr	   The base address at which the shared object is mapped into the address space
		   of the calling process.

     dlpi_name	   The name of the shared object.

     dlpi_phdr	   A pointer to the shared object's program headers.

     dlpi_phnum    The number of program headers in the shared object.

     dlpi_adds	   The number of objects added into the main program.

     dlpi_subs	   The number of objects removed from the main program.

     To make it possible for programs to check whether any new members have been added, the size
     of the structure is passed as an argument to callback.

     ld(1), ld.elf_so(1), dlfcn(3), elf(5)

     The dl_iterate_phdr function first appeared in NetBSD 6.0.

BSD					 October 16, 2010				      BSD

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