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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for __builtin_frame_address (netbsd section 3)

__BUILTIN_RETURN_ADDRESS(3)	   BSD Library Functions Manual       __BUILTIN_RETURN_ADDRESS(3)

     __builtin_return_address -- the return address of a function

     void *
     __builtin_return_address(unsigned int level);

     void *
     __builtin_frame_address(unsigned int level);

     The __builtin_return_address() is a GNU extension for obtaining the return address of the
     current function or one of the callers of the current function.

     The parameter level specifies the number of frames that should be scanned up in the call
     stack.  A value 0 returns the address of the current function, a value 1 requests the
     address of the caller of the current function, a value 2 asks for the address of the call-
     er's caller, and so forth.  If the top of the call stack has been reached, the function will
     return 0.	Note also that on some architectures it is only possible to determine the address
     of the current function.  In such cases a value 0 is returned.  Thus, it is usually safe to
     only use the value 0 for level.

     The __builtin_frame_address() behaves similarly, but returns the address of the function
     frame rather than the return address of the function.

     gcc(1), __builtin_object_size(3)

     These are non-standard, compiler-specific extensions.

BSD					December 19, 2010				      BSD

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