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ARM_SYNC_ICACHE(2)		     BSD System Calls Manual		       ARM_SYNC_ICACHE(2)

     arm_sync_icache -- clean the CPU data cache and flush the CPU instruction cache

     ARM Architecture Library (libarm, -larm)

     #include <machine/sysarch.h>

     arm_sync_icache(u_int addr, int len);

     arm_sync_icache() will make sure that all the entries in the processor instruction cache are
     synchronized with main memory and that any data in a write back cache has been cleaned.
     Some ARM processors (e.g. SA110) have separate instruction and data caches thus any dynami-
     cally generated or modified code needs to be written back from any data caches to main mem-
     ory and the instruction cache needs to be synchronized with main memory.

     On such processors arm_sync_icache() will clean the data cache and invalidate the processor
     instruction cache to force reloading from main memory.  On processors that have a shared
     instruction and data cache and have a write through cache (e.g. ARM6) no action needs to be

     The routine takes a start address addr and a length len to describe the area of memory that
     needs to be cleaned and synchronized.

     arm_sync_icache() will never fail so will always return 0.

     StrongARM Data Sheet

BSD					  March 29, 2002				      BSD
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