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TTY(1)				   BSD General Commands Manual				   TTY(1)

     tty -- return user's terminal name

     tty [-s]

     The tty utility writes the name of the terminal attached to standard input to standard out-
     put.  The name that is written is the string returned by ttyname(3).  If the standard input
     is not a terminal, the message ``not a tty'' is written.  The options are as follows:

     -s      Don't write the terminal name; only the exit status is affected when this option is
	     specified.  The -s option is deprecated in favor of the ``test -t 0'' command.

     tty exits 0 if the standard input is a terminal, 1 if the standard input is not a terminal,
     and >1 if an error occurs.

     test(1), ttyname(3)

     The tty utility conforms to IEEE Std 1003.2-1992 (``POSIX.2'').

BSD					   June 6, 1993 				      BSD
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