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TPFMT(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				 TPFMT(1)

     tpfmt -- format tprof samples

     tpfmt [-CkLPs] [-p pid]

     The tpfmt utility creates and outputs a plain text representation for a given profiling
     result recorded by tprof(8).

     The tpfmt utility accepts the following options.

     -C        Don't distinguish CPUs.	All samples are treated as its CPU number is 0.

     -k        Kernel only.  Ignore samples for userland code.

     -L        Don't distinguish LWPs.	All samples are treated as its LWP ID is 0.

     -P        Don't distinguish processes.  All samples are treated as its PID is 0.

     -p pid    Process only samples for the process with PID pid and ignore the rest.

     -s        Per symbol.  Try to aggregate samples by functions rather than instructions.  It's
	       currently useful only for in-kernel samples.

     See tprof(8) for an example.

     tprof(4), tprof(8)

     The tpfmt utility is written by YAMAMOTO Takashi.

BSD					November 27, 2011				      BSD
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