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SVNPATH(1)																SVNPATH(1)

svnpath - output svn url with support for tags and branches SYNOPSIS
svnpath svnpath tags svnpath branches svnpath trunk DESCRIPTION
svnpath is intended to be run in a Subversion working copy. In its simplest usage, svnpath with no parameters outputs the svn url for the repository associated with the working copy. If a parameter is given, svnpath attempts to instead output the url that would be used for the tags, branches, or trunk. This will only work if it's run in the top-level directory that is subject to tagging or branching. For example, if you want to tag what's checked into Subversion as version 1.0, you could use a command like this: svn cp $(svnpath) $(svnpath tags)/1.0 That's much easier than using svn info to look up the repository url and manually modifying it to derive the url to use for the tag, and typing in something like this: svn cp svn+ssh://my.server.example/svn/project/trunk svn+ssh://my.server.example/svn/project/tags/1.0 svnpath uses a simple heuristic to convert between the trunk, tags, and branches paths. It replaces the first occurrence of trunk, tags, or branches with the name of what you're looking for. This will work ok for most typical Subversion repository layouts. If you have an atypical layout and it does not work, you can add a ~/.svnpath file. This file is perl code, which can modify the path in $url. For example, the author uses this file: #!/usr/bin/perl # svnpath personal override file # For d-i I sometimes work from a full d-i tree branch. Remove that from # the path to get regular tags or branches directories. $url=~s!d-i/(rc|beta)[0-9]+/!!; $url=~s!d-i/sarge/!!; 1 LICENSE
GPL version 2 or later AUTHOR
Joey Hess <> Debian Utilities 2013-12-23 SVNPATH(1)

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SVN-INJECT(1)							 Command reference						     SVN-INJECT(1)

svn-inject - puts a Debian source package into Subversion repository SYNOPSIS
svn-inject [options] package.dsc repository_URL OPTIONS
svn-inject accepts the following options on the command-line: -h print the help menu -v Make the command output verbose Default: Off. -q Hide less important messages Default: Off. -l Layout type. 1 (default) means package/{trunk,tags,branches,...} scheme, 2 means the {trunk,tags,branches,...}/package scheme. Default: 1 -t directory Specify the directory where the .orig.tar.gz files are stored on the local machine. Default: Off. -d | --do-like=directory Looks at the working directory of some other package and uses its base URL, tarball storage directory and similar checkout target directory. Default: Off. -c number Checkout nothing (0), trunk directory (1) or everything (2) when the work is done. Default: 1 -o Only keep modified files under SVN control (including the debian/ directory), track only parts of upstream branch Default: Off. -O | --no-branches Do not create the branches subdirectory at all. This works in a similar way to -o but all changes on upstream files (e.g. meta changes like updating the config.guess and config.sub files) are ignored and the upstream branch is not used. Default: use branches/. -s By default, svn-inject used to create .svn/deb-layout after an inject operation if a checkout followed the inject. Since version 0.6.22 this behaviour is deprecated. With this parameter svn-inject will replicate the old behaviour. This option was provided since it can be useful when creating a local override file. Default: Off. -setprops -set-props Set svn-bp:* props on the debian directory automatically. Default: Off. SEE ALSO
/usr/share/doc/svn-buildpackage/() The svn-buildpackage HOWTO manual svn-upgrade(1) upgrade source package from a new upstream revision. svn(1) Subversion command line client tool dpkg-buildpackage(1) Debian source package tools AUTHORS
Eduard Bloch This manual page was written by Eduard Bloch in roff. Goneri Le Bouder Converted manpages to SGML. Neil Williams Converted manpages to DocBook XML and current Debian maintainer COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2009 Eduard Bloch Release: 0.8.2 May 2009 SVN-INJECT(1)
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