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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for srtconfig (netbsd section 1)

SRTCONFIG(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			     SRTCONFIG(1)

     srtconfig -- configure srt interfaces

     srtconfig srtX
     srtconfig srtX N
     srtconfig srtX del N
     srtconfig srtX add srcaddr mask dstif dstaddr
     srtconfig srtX set N srcaddr mask dstif dstaddr

     srtconfig configures, or queries the configuration of, srt(4) interfaces.	An srt(4) inter-
     face parcels packets out to other interfaces based on their source addresses (the normal
     routing mechanisms handle routing decisions based on destination addresses).  An interface
     may have any number of routing choices; they are examined in order until one matching the
     packet is found.  The packet is sent to the corresponding interface.  (Any interface, even
     another srt interface, may be specified; if the configurations collaborate to cause a packet
     to loop forever, the system will lock up or crash.)

     When run with only one argument, srtconfig prints the settings for the specified interface.

     When run with two arguments, srtconfig prints the settings for the routing choice whose num-
     ber is given as the second argument.

     The form with 'del' deletes a routing choice, identified by its number.  Other choices with
     higher numbers, if any, will be renumbered accordingly.

     The 'add' form adds a choice; the other arguments describe it, and are documented below.
     The new choice is added at the end of the list.

     The 'set' form replaces an existing choice, given its number.  The other arguments describe
     the new choice which is to replace whatever currently exists at the given number N.

     A choice is described by four pieces of information: a source address and mask, which are
     used to determine which choice an outgoing packet uses, a destination interface, and a des-
     tination address for the new interface.  The source address and mask are specified like any
     Internet addresses (for convenience, the mask may instead be specified as a '/' followed by
     a small integer, CIDR-style; note that in this case the mask must still be a separate argu-
     ment; it cannot be appended to the end of the source address argument).

     Each srt interface also has ordinary source and destination addresses which are set with
     ifconfig(8) like any other interface; these should not be confused with any of the above.

     der Mouse <mouse@rodents.montreal.qc.ca>

BSD					 August 21, 2000				      BSD

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