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SOELIM(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				SOELIM(1)

     soelim -- eliminate .so's from nroff input

     soelim [-I directory] [file ...]

     soelim reads the specified files or the standard input and performs the textual inclusion
     implied by the nroff(1) directives of the form:

	   .so somefile

     The directives need to appear at the beginning of input lines.  This is useful since pro-
     grams such as tbl(1) do not normally do this; it allows the placement of individual tables
     in separate files to be run as a part of a large document.

     An argument consisting of a single minus '-' is taken to be a file name corresponding to the
     standard input.

     Note that inclusion can be suppressed by using '\'' instead of '\.', i.e.

	   'so /usr/lib/tmac.s

     A sample usage of soelim would be

	   soelim exum?.n | tbl | nroff -ms | col | lpr

     The options are as follows:

     -I      Add the specified directory to the search path for input files.

     colcrt(1), more(1)

     The soelim command appeared in 3.0BSD.

     The format of the source commands must involve no strangeness - exactly one blank must pre-
     cede and no blanks follow the file name.

BSD					   June 6, 1993 				      BSD
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