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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for screenblank (netbsd section 1)

SCREENBLANK(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			   SCREENBLANK(1)

     screenblank -- screen saver daemon for wscons and FBIO machines

     screenblank [-k | -m] [-d inactivity-timeout] [-e wakeup-delay] [-f framebuffer]
		 [-i input-device]
     screenblank {-b | -u}

     screenblank disables the framebuffer if the keyboard and mouse are idle for a period of
     time, and re-enables the framebuffer when keyboard or mouse activity resumes.

     When killed with a SIGINT, SIGHUP, or SIGTERM, screenblank will re-enable the framebuffer.
     The pid can be found in the file /var/run/screenblank.pid.

     The options are as follows:

     -b      Overriding the other options, simply try (once) to blank the framebuffer, then exit.

     -d inactivity-timeout
	     Wait the number of seconds specified by inactivity-timeout, expressed in the format
	     ``xxx.xxx'', before disabling the framebuffer due to inactivity.  The default is 600
	     seconds (10 minutes).

     -e wakeup-delay
	     Wait the number of seconds specified by wakeup-delay, expressed in the format
	     ``xxx.xxx'', before re-enabling the framebuffer once activity resumes.  The default
	     is .25 seconds.

     -f framebuffer
	     Use the framebuffer device framebuffer instead of the default /dev/fb.

     -i input-device
	     Add input-device to the list of devices to monitor for activity.

     -k      Do not check the keyboard for activity.

     -m      Do not check the mouse for activity.

     -u      Overriding the other options, simply try (once) to unblank the framebuffer, then

     Note that the -k and -m flags are mutually exclusive.

     /dev/kbd			 The keyboard device.

     /dev/mouse 		 The mouse device.

     /dev/console		 The console device.

     /dev/fb			 The default framebuffer.

     /dev/wskbd 		 The keyboard for wscons machines.

     /dev/wsmouse		 The mouse device for wscons machines.

     /dev/ttyE0 		 The console device for wscons machines.

     /var/run/screenblank.pid	 File containing the pid of screenblank.

BSD					September 23, 2006				      BSD

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