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scheduler(1) [netbsd man page]

ICECREAM(1)						      Icecream User's Manual						       ICECREAM(1)

scheduler - Icecream scheduler SYNOPSIS
scheduler [-n | --netname name] [-p | --port port] [-h | --help] [-l | --log-file file] [-d | --daemonize] [-r | --allow-run-as-user] [-v [v [v]]] DESCRIPTION
The Icecream scheduler is the central instance of an Icecream compile network. It distributes the compile jobs and provides the data for the monitors. OPTIONS
-n, --netname netname The name of the Icecream network the scheduler controls. -p, --port port IP port the scheduler uses. -h, --help Print help message. -l, --log-file logfile Name of file where log output is written to. -d, --daemonize Detach daemon from shell. -v, -vv, -vvv Control verbosity of daemon. The more v the more verbose. -r, --allow-run-as-user Force running the scheduler with user rights. Usually you will need to run the scheduler with root rights. SEE ALSO
icecream, scheduler, iceccd, icemon AUTHOR
Cornelius Schumacher Icecream April 21th, 2005 ICECREAM(1)

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tapset::scheduler(3stap)												  tapset::scheduler(3stap)

tapset::scheduler - systemtap scheduler tapset DESCRIPTION
scheduler.cpu_off Process is about to stop running on a cpu See probe::scheduler.cpu_off(3stap) for details. scheduler.cpu_on Process is beginning execution on a cpu See probe::scheduler.cpu_on(3stap) for details. scheduler.tick Schedulers internal tick, a processes timeslice accounting is updated See probe::scheduler.tick(3stap) for details. scheduler.balance A cpu attempting to find more work. See probe::scheduler.balance(3stap) for details. scheduler.ctxswitch A context switch is occuring. See probe::scheduler.ctxswitch(3stap) for details. scheduler.kthread_stop A thread created by kthread_create is being stopped See probe::scheduler.kthread_stop(3stap) for details. scheduler.kthread_stop.return A kthread is stopped and gets the return value See probe::scheduler.kthread_stop.return(3stap) for details. scheduler.wait_task Waiting on a task to unschedule (become inactive) See probe::scheduler.wait_task(3stap) for details. scheduler.wakeup Task is woken up See probe::scheduler.wakeup(3stap) for details. scheduler.wakeup_new Newly created task is woken up for the first time See probe::scheduler.wakeup_new(3stap) for details. scheduler.migrate Task migrating across cpus See probe::scheduler.migrate(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_free Scheduler freeing a data structure for a process See probe::scheduler.process_free(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_exit Process exiting See probe::scheduler.process_exit(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_wait Scheduler starting to wait on a process See probe::scheduler.process_wait(3stap) for details. scheduler.process_fork Process forked See probe::scheduler.process_fork(3stap) for details. scheduler.signal_send Sending a signal See probe::scheduler.signal_send(3stap) for details. SEE ALSO
probe::scheduler.cpu_off(3stap), probe::scheduler.cpu_on(3stap), probe::scheduler.tick(3stap), probe::scheduler.balance(3stap), probe::scheduler.ctxswitch(3stap), probe::scheduler.kthread_stop(3stap), probe::scheduler.kthread_stop.return(3stap), probe::scheduler.wait_task(3stap), probe::scheduler.wakeup(3stap), probe::scheduler.wakeup_new(3stap), probe::scheduler.migrate(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_free(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_exit(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_wait(3stap), probe::scheduler.process_fork(3stap), probe::scheduler.signal_send(3stap), stap(1), stapprobes(3stap) IBM
--- tapset::scheduler(3stap)
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