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RUMP.DHCPCLIENT(1)		   BSD General Commands Manual		       RUMP.DHCPCLIENT(1)

     rump.dhcpclient -- simple dhcp client for rump kernels

     rump.dhcpclient ifname

     The rump.dhcpclient utility is a very simple DHCP client which can be used to apply network-
     ing configuration on one interface in a rump kernel.  Unlike full DHCP clients,
     rump.dhcpclient does not store leases or renew expired leases.  The reason for this is the
     typical transient nature of a rump kernel.  Additionally, rump.dhcpclient does not save DNS
     resolver information.

     After having succesfully configured networking, rump.dhcpclient prints out the networking
     configuration and lease time and exits.

     Since rump.dhcpclient uses bpf(4) to send and receive raw network packets, the server must
     include support for bpf and vfs (for opening /dev/bpf).  Otherwise, the following diagnostic
     message is printed:

	   rump.dhcpclient: bpf: Function not implemented

     rump_server(1), bpf(4)

     There is no easy way to release a lease.

BSD					 January 20, 2011				      BSD
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