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ps2pdfwr(1) [netbsd man page]

PS2PDFWR(1)							    Ghostscript 						       PS2PDFWR(1)

ps2pdfwr - Convert PostScript to PDF without specifying CompatibilityLevel, using ghostscript SYNOPSIS
ps2pdfwr [options...] {input.[e]ps|-} [output.pdf|-] DESCRIPTION
This wrapper script invokes gs(1) with following arguments -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pdfwrite as well as the appropriate -dOutputFile argument, all preceded and followed by any command-line arguments. Finally, the security option -dSAFER is prepended before all the other options. The version-specific ps2pdf scripts all invoke this one with the addition of the respective compatibility level option. SEE ALSO
gs(1), ps2pdf(1) VERSION
This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 8.70. AUTHOR
Artifex Software, Inc. are the primary maintainers of Ghostscript. This manpage by George Ferguson. 8.70 31 July 2009 PS2PDFWR(1)

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PS2PDF(1)							    Ghostscript 							 PS2PDF(1)

ps2pdf - Convert PostScript to PDF using ghostscript ps2pdf12 - Convert PostScript to PDF 1.2 (Acrobat 3-and-later compatible) using ghostscript ps2pdf13 - Convert PostScript to PDF 1.3 (Acrobat 4-and-later compatible) using ghostscript SYNOPSIS
ps2pdf [options...] {input.[e]ps|-} [output.pdf|-] ps2pdf12 [options...] {input.[e]ps|-} [output.pdf|-] ps2pdf13 [options...] {input.[e]ps|-} [output.pdf|-] DESCRIPTION
The ps2pdf scripts are work-alikes for nearly all the functionality (but not the user interface) of Adobe's Acrobat(TM) Distiller(TM) prod- uct: they convert PostScript files to Portable Document Format (PDF) files. If the output filename is not specified, the output is placed is a file of the same name with a '.pdf' extension. Either the input filename or the output filename can be '-' to request reading from stdin or writing to stdout, respectively, when used as a filter. The three scripts differ as follows: - ps2pdf12 will always produce PDF 1.2 output (Acrobat 3-and-later compatible). - ps2pdf13 will always produce PDF 1.3 output (Acrobat 4-and-later compatible). - ps2pdf per se currently produces PDF 1.4 output. However, this may change in the future. If you care about the compatibility level of the output, use ps2pdf12 or ps2pdf13, or use the -dCompatibility=1.x switch in the command line. There are some limitations in ps2pdf's conversion. See the HTML documentation for more information. A large number of Adobe Distiller(TM) parameters which can be used to control the conversion are also documented there, including instructions for generating PDF/X and PDF/A documents. OPTIONS
The ps2pdf scripts use the same options as gs(1). EXAMPLES
Converting a to figure.pdf: ps2pdf A conversion with more specifics: ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/prepress proof.pdf Converting as part of a pipe: -t ps | ps2pdf -dCompatibility=1.3 - - | lpr SEE ALSO
gs(1), ps2pdfwr(1), Ps2pdf.htm in the Ghostscript documentation BUGS
See and the Usenet news group comp.lang.postscript. VERSION
This document was last revised for Ghostscript version 8.70. AUTHOR
Artifex Software, Inc. are the primary maintainers of Ghostscript. This manpage by George Ferguson. 8.70 31 July 2009 PS2PDF(1)
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