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PMC(1)				   BSD General Commands Manual				   PMC(1)

     pmc -- performance-monitoring counter interface for command execution

     pmc -h
     pmc -C
     pmc -c event command [options ...]

     pmc is a means of using a processor's performance-monitoring counter (PMC) facility to mea-
     sure various aspects of a program's execution.  It is meant to be used in a fashion similar
     to time(1).

     The arguments are as follows:

     -h      Display a list of performance counter events available on the system.

     -C      Cancel any performance counters that are currently running.

     -c event
	     Count the event specified by event while running the command.

     PMC support is not compiled into the kernel  Performance-monitoring counter support has not
     been compiled into the kernel.  It may be included using the PERFCTRS option.  See
     options(4) for details.

     PMC counters are not supported by CPU  Performance-monitoring counters are not available for
     the CPU.

     time(1), options(4)

     The pmc command first appeared in NetBSD 1.6.

     The pmc command was written by Frank van der Linden <fvdl@wasabisystems.com>.  The kernel
     support for reading performance counters on the i386 architecture was written by
     Jason R. Thorpe <thorpej@zembu.com>.

     The pmc command currently only supports performance-monitoring counters on the i386 archi-

BSD					 October 24, 2000				      BSD
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