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NetBSD 6.1.5 - man page for openssl_passwd (netbsd section 1)

PASSWD(1)				     OpenSSL					PASSWD(1)

       passwd - compute password hashes

       libcrypto, -lcrypto

       openssl passwd [-crypt] [-1] [-apr1] [-salt string] [-in file] [-stdin] [-noverify]
       [-quiet] [-table] {password}

       The passwd command computes the hash of a password typed at run-time or the hash of each
       password in a list.  The password list is taken from the named file for option -in file,
       from stdin for option -stdin, or from the command line, or from the terminal otherwise.
       The Unix standard algorithm crypt and the MD5-based BSD password algorithm 1 and its
       Apache variant apr1 are available.

	   Use the crypt algorithm (default).

       -1  Use the MD5 based BSD password algorithm 1.

	   Use the apr1 algorithm (Apache variant of the BSD algorithm).

       -salt string
	   Use the specified salt.  When reading a password from the terminal, this implies

       -in file
	   Read passwords from file.

	   Read passwords from stdin.

	   Don't verify when reading a password from the terminal.

	   Don't output warnings when passwords given at the command line are truncated.

	   In the output list, prepend the cleartext password and a TAB character to each
	   password hash.

       openssl passwd -crypt -salt xx password prints xxj31ZMTZzkVA.

       openssl passwd -1 -salt xxxxxxxx password prints $1$xxxxxxxx$UYCIxa628.9qXjpQCjM4a..

       openssl passwd -apr1 -salt xxxxxxxx password prints $apr1$xxxxxxxx$dxHfLAsjHkDRmG83UXe8K0.

1.0.1i					    2009-07-20					PASSWD(1)

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