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LOCK(1) 			   BSD General Commands Manual				  LOCK(1)

     lock -- reserve a terminal

     lock [-np] [-t timeout]

     lock requests a password from the user, reads it again for verification and then will nor-
     mally not relinquish the terminal until the password is repeated.	There are two other con-
     ditions under which it will terminate: it will timeout after some interval of time and it
     may be killed by someone with the appropriate permission.


     -n 	 No timeout is used.  The terminal will be locked indefinitely or until current
		 challenge is met.

     -p 	 A password is not requested, instead the user's current login password is used.
		 If the user has an S/Key key, they may also use it to unlock the terminal.  To
		 do this the user should enter "s/key" at the unlock "Key:" prompt.  The user
		 will then be issued an S/Key challenge to which they may respond with a six-word
		 S/Key one-time password.

     -t timeout  The time limit (default 15 minutes) is changed to timeout minutes.


     The lock command appeared in 3.0BSD.

BSD					   June 6, 1993 				      BSD
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