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KPASSWD(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual			       KPASSWD(1)

     kpasswd -- Kerberos 5 password changing program

     kpasswd [--admin-principal=principal] [-c cache | --cache=cache] [principal ...]

     kpasswd is the client for changing passwords.

     If administrator principal is given that principal is used to change the password.

     Multiple passwords for different users can be changed at the same time, then the administra-
     tor principal will be used.  If the administrator isn't specified on the command prompt, the
     principal of the default credential cache will be used.

     If a credential cache is given, the --admin-principal flag is ignored and use the default
     name of the credential cache is used instead.

     If the password quality check fails or some other error occurs, an explanation is printed.


BSD					 January 5, 2005				      BSD
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