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GZEXE(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				 GZEXE(1)

     gzexe -- create auto-decompressing executables

     gzexe [-d] file ...

     The gzexe utility uses gzip(1) to compress executables, producing executables that decom-
     press on-the-fly when executed.  This saves disk space, at the cost of slower execution
     times.  The original executables are saved by copying each of them to a file with the same
     name with a '~' suffix appended.  After verifying that the compressed executables work as
     expected, the backup files can be removed.

     The options are as follows:

     -d      Decompress executables previously compressed by gzexe.

     The gzexe program refuses to compress non-regular or non-executable files, files with a
     setuid or setgid bit set, files that are already compressed using gzexe or programs it needs
     to perform on-the-fly decompression: sh(1), mktemp(1), rm(1), echo(1), tail(1), gzip(1), and


     The gzexe utility replaces files by overwriting them with the generated compressed exe-
     cutable.  To be able to do this, it is required that the original files are writable.

BSD					  July 30, 2003 				      BSD
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