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GZEXE(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						  GZEXE(1)

gzexe -- create auto-decompressing executables SYNOPSIS
gzexe [-d] file ... DESCRIPTION
The gzexe utility uses gzip(1) to compress executables, producing executables that decompress on-the-fly when executed. This saves disk space, at the cost of slower execution times. The original executables are saved by copying each of them to a file with the same name with a '~' suffix appended. After verifying that the compressed executables work as expected, the backup files can be removed. The options are as follows: -d Decompress executables previously compressed by gzexe. The gzexe program refuses to compress non-regular or non-executable files, files with a setuid or setgid bit set, files that are already com- pressed using gzexe or programs it needs to perform on-the-fly decompression: sh(1), mktemp(1), rm(1), echo(1), tail(1), gzip(1), and chmod(1). SEE ALSO
gzip(1) CAVEATS
The gzexe utility replaces files by overwriting them with the generated compressed executable. To be able to do this, it is required that the original files are writable. BSD
July 30, 2003 BSD

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GZEXE(1)						      General Commands Manual							  GZEXE(1)

gzexe - compress executable files in place SYNOPSIS
gzexe [ name ... ] DESCRIPTION
The gzexe utility allows you to compress executables in place and have them automatically uncompress and execute when you run them (at a penalty in performance). For example if you execute ``gzexe /bin/cat'' it will create the following two files: -r-xr-xr-x 1 root bin 9644 Feb 11 11:16 /bin/cat -r-xr-xr-x 1 bin bin 24576 Nov 23 13:21 /bin/cat~ /bin/cat~ is the original file and /bin/cat is the self-uncompressing executable file. You can remove /bin/cat~ once you are sure that /bin/cat works properly. This utility is most useful on systems with very small disks. OPTIONS
-d Decompress the given executables instead of compressing them. SEE ALSO
gzip(1), znew(1), zmore(1), zcmp(1), zforce(1) CAVEATS
The compressed executable is a shell script. This may create some security holes. In particular, the compressed executable relies on the PATH environment variable to find gzip and some other utilities (tail, chmod, ln, sleep). BUGS
gzexe attempts to retain the original file attributes on the compressed executable, but you may have to fix them manually in some cases, using chmod or chown. GZEXE(1)
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