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GETBUILDLOG(1)						      General Commands Manual						    GETBUILDLOG(1)

getbuildlog - download build logs from Debian auto-builders SYNOPSIS
getbuildlog package [version-pattern] [architecture-pattern] DESCRIPTION
getbuildlog downloads build logs of package from Debian auto-builders. It downloads build logs of all versions and for all architectures if version-pattern and architecture-pattern are not specified or empty, otherwise only build logs whose versions match version-pattern and build logs whose architectures match architecture-pattern will be downloaded. The version and architecture patterns are interpreted as extended regular expressions as described in grep(1). If version-pattern is "last" then only the logs for the most recent version of package found on will be downloaded. If version-pattern is "last-all" then the logs for the most recent version found on each build log index will be downloaded. OPTIONS
-h, --help Show usage information and examples. -V, --version Show version and copyright information. EXAMPLES
getbuildlog hello 2.2-1 amd64 Download amd64 build log for hello version 2.2-1. getbuildlog glibc "" mips.* Download mips(el) build logs of all glibc versions. getbuildlog wesnoth .*bpo.* Download all build logs of backported wesnoth versions. AUTHOR
Written by Frank S. Thomas <>. DEBIAN
Debian Utilities GETBUILDLOG(1)

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MK-BUILD-DEPS(1)														  MK-BUILD-DEPS(1)

mk-build-deps - build a package satisfying a package's build-dependencies SYNOPSIS
mk-build-deps --help|--version mk-build-deps [options] control file | package name ... DESCRIPTION
Given a package name and/or control file, mk-build-deps will use equivs to generate a binary package which may be installed to satisfy all the build dependencies of the given package. If --build-dep and/or --build-indep are given, then the resulting binary package(s) will depend solely on the Build-Depends/Build-Depends-Indep dependencies, respectively. OPTIONS
-i, --install Install the generated packages and its build-dependencies. -t, --tool When installing the generated package use the specified tool. (default: apt-get --no-install-recommends) -r, --remove Remove the package file after installing it. Ignored if used without the --install switch. -a foo, --arch foo If the source package has architecture-specific build dependencies, produce a package for architecture foo, not for the system architecture. (If the source package does not have architecture-specific build dependencies, the package produced is always for the pseudo-architecture all.) -B, --build-dep Generate a package which only depends on the source package's Build-Depends dependencies. -A, --build-indep Generate a package which only depends on the source package's Build-Depends-Indep dependencies. -h, --help Show a summary of options. -v, --version Show version and copyright information. -s, --root-cmd Use the specified tool to gain root privileges before installing. Ignored if used without the --install switch. AUTHOR
mk-build-deps is copyright by Vincent Fourmond and was modified for the devscripts package by Adam D. Barratt <>. This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. You are free to redistribute this code under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or later. Debian Utilities 2013-12-23 MK-BUILD-DEPS(1)
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