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GCORE(1)			   BSD General Commands Manual				 GCORE(1)

     gcore -- get core images of running process

     gcore [-c corename] pid [pid ...]

     gcore creates a core image of the specified processes suitable for use with gdb(1).  By
     default, the core is written to the file ``<progname>.core'', where ``<progname>'' is the
     program name of the process corresponding to the pid that is given on the command line.
     This filename can be changed by supplying the -c corename argument, or setting
     ``proc.<pid>.corename'' with sysctl(8).

     <progname>.core	The core image.

     gdb(1), sysctl(8)

     gcore appeared in BSD 4.2, disappeared in NetBSD 1.2, and reappeared in NetBSD 2.0.

     The process is not stopped while the core file is generated, so it might not be consistent.

BSD					 January 9, 2005				      BSD
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