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FPR(1)				   BSD General Commands Manual				   FPR(1)

     fpr -- print Fortran file


     fpr is a filter that transforms files formatted according to Fortran's carriage control con-
     ventions into files formatted according to UNIX line printer conventions.

     fpr copies its input onto its output, replacing the carriage control characters with charac-
     ters that will produce the intended effects when printed using lpr(1).  The first character
     of each line determines the vertical spacing as follows:

	   Blank    One line
	   0	    Two lines
	   1	    To first line of next page
	   +	    No advance

     A blank line is treated as if its first character is a blank.  A blank that appears as a
     carriage control character is deleted.  A zero is changed to a newline.  A one is changed to
     a form feed.  The effects of a '+' are simulated using backspaces.

	   a.out | fpr | lpr

	   fpr < f77.output | lpr

     The fpr command appeared in 4.2BSD.

     Results are undefined for input lines longer than 170 characters.

BSD					   June 6, 1993 				      BSD
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